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I'm on a personal mission to get rid of the stigma that still surrounds cosmetic surgery in many regions. Why am I on this mission? A small surgery changed my life, and I have never regretted it. I was a very shy child with little confidence due to my protruding ears. It sounds like such a small problem to many people, but it affected me and my self esteem greatly. I saved up in high school while working a part-time job, and as soon as I could afford it, I got my parents to agree to let me have my ears "pinned back" when I was 16. My confidence skyrocketed immediately, and I finally began enjoying life for the first time. I want to help others facing similar problems know that they are not alone, and I hope I can touch many lives with my new blog!

Having Breast Augmentation Surgery Done? Try These Natural Pain Relief Methods Afterward


If you are having breast augmentation surgery done, you are probably thinking about the healing process and how you will keep yourself out of pain. Although your surgeon might prescribe you a pain medication, there are other options for staying comfortable. If you want to use the most natural pain relief methods as possible, try these tips while you're going through the healing process.

Use a Cold Compress

Applying a cold compress to the affected area for a few minutes at a time can help reduce swelling and can numb the area so that you don't feel any pain. You can buy a commercially-available ice pack, or you can make one with a zipped-closure sandwich baggie and ice from your freezer. Just remember to use a wash cloth between your skin and the ice pack to help prevent discomfort.

Apply Lotion to the Affected Area

The skin on and around your breasts will probably feel quite sore from stretching, plus you might be concerned about stretch marks. Make sure that you apply a good moisturizing lotion to your breasts to help prevent stretch marks and to provide your skin with a little bit of relief. Rub the lotion in a circular motion on the affected area for several minutes, several times a day; not only will this help ensure that you apply enough lotion, but it can also stimulate your body to heal and can feel very soothing.

Wear a Supportive Bra

Wearing a nice, supportive bra is critical after your surgery. It will help keep your breasts well-supported and can prevent tearing and other injury. Your surgeon might give you a supportive medical bra; otherwise, stick to very supportive sports bras rather than regular ones. You should not wear a traditional bra until you have returned to your surgeon for your post-operative visit and have been given the "okay" to do so.

Suffering from the pain of breast augmentation surgery might not be fun, but there are things that you can do to speed up the healing process and get rid of the pain. Although you are probably already thinking about taking the pain medication that your doctor prescribes to you, try these more natural pain relief options as well. If you do, you might be surprised by how much better you feel during the healing process. Plus, you won't have to worry about taking too many different types of pain medications, which can actually cause health complications.

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20 October 2014