Shedding the Stigma Surrounding Cosmetic Surgery

I'm on a personal mission to get rid of the stigma that still surrounds cosmetic surgery in many regions. Why am I on this mission? A small surgery changed my life, and I have never regretted it. I was a very shy child with little confidence due to my protruding ears. It sounds like such a small problem to many people, but it affected me and my self esteem greatly. I saved up in high school while working a part-time job, and as soon as I could afford it, I got my parents to agree to let me have my ears "pinned back" when I was 16. My confidence skyrocketed immediately, and I finally began enjoying life for the first time. I want to help others facing similar problems know that they are not alone, and I hope I can touch many lives with my new blog!

3 Self-Care Tips After Intimate Skin Removal


Losing a large amount of weight typically comes with a lot of loose skin. Loose skin, unlike weight loss, cannot be cured by working out. Cosmetic surgery for extra skin removal is necessary to take off any excess skin that hangs after weight loss surgery. Skin removal for the arms and stomach is common; however, some people will need skin removal for the upper thigh area and the groin. Here are some ways to prepare and deal with skin removal surgery in your intimate areas. 

1. Set up your home so that you move as little as possible

Once you have a thigh lift to remove skin and a labiaplasty to removal extra flesh, you will find that the task of walking is a little harder than usual. You will have some soreness and pain in the areas of surgery. It is also a good idea to stay away from any heavy walking right after your thigh lift surgery to stop the wound from reopening. If you have a home with more than one story, sleep on the ground level so that you can enter and exit easily. Bring snacks to your area so that you may eat or drink without walking constantly. 

2. Bathe carefully

It is important that the wounds are kept clean after you have received a labiaplasty. Since the area of the labia is often dark and damp, you will need to check the dressings on a daily basis. Until your physician clears you for regular baths, you should use adult shower wipes in order to clean your body. Make sure these do not have any harsh chemicals that will agitate any open skin. Once you are able to bathe, use a mild soap and plain water to gently wash your body. Remember to change your dressings after each bath and keep your wound dry. 

3. Purchase large underwear

After labiaplasty, you will need to wear a pad to absorb any of the draining that comes from the wound and dressing. Tight fitting underwear will not be allowed, so purchase larger underwear that is loose in order to properly allow the body to drain and heal. It is also a good idea to purchase ice packs to sit on so that you can help to heal any soreness in the area. Continue to wear the large size underwear so that your dressing is not compromised, and any stitching can heal appropriately.   


16 July 2018