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I'm on a personal mission to get rid of the stigma that still surrounds cosmetic surgery in many regions. Why am I on this mission? A small surgery changed my life, and I have never regretted it. I was a very shy child with little confidence due to my protruding ears. It sounds like such a small problem to many people, but it affected me and my self esteem greatly. I saved up in high school while working a part-time job, and as soon as I could afford it, I got my parents to agree to let me have my ears "pinned back" when I was 16. My confidence skyrocketed immediately, and I finally began enjoying life for the first time. I want to help others facing similar problems know that they are not alone, and I hope I can touch many lives with my new blog!

4 Main Indicators That You Need A Tummy Tuck Surgery


Due to a poor lifestyle, weight loss, or pregnancy, you might find yourself with loose tummy skin or an overgrown tummy, significantly affecting your self-esteem. Studies show that 54% of American adults struggle with abdominal obesity characterized by belly fat or excess sagging skin. If you have such a problem, a tummy tuck surgery could be of significant help.

What Is a Tummy Tuck Surgery?

This surgical procedure seeks to flatten your abdomen by removing excess fat and loose skin. It also tightens muscles around your abdominal wall. If weak muscles are impairing your body contour, this surgical procedure could be good for you. 

Do You Need a Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Doctors may recommend tummy tuck surgery to anyone who is in good health. Here are four signs that you might be a good candidate for a tummy tuck:

1. Excess Stretch Marks

It is estimated that 50-90% of women develop stretch marks during or after pregnancy. Once you have given birth, your abdominal skin should resume its standard form and the stretch marks disappear. However, sometimes the skin cannot resume to this form and you experience stretch marks. In such a case, sometimes tightening your abdominal muscles can remove the marks, and tummy tuck surgery can help you in that.

2. Sagging Abdominal Skin

Typically, skin becomes saggy after a period of intense growth, such as weight gain or pregnancy. If you have droopy abdominal skin, doctors mainly recommend exercises and diet. However, the two strategies may not always work, leaving you feeling frustrated with your overall body appearance. If you are looking for an effective way of regaining and improving elasticity, the abdominal skin can be tightened through a tummy tuck procedure.

3. Excess Belly Fat

As of 2020, adult obesity in the US stands at 42.4%. Most obesity cases are characterized by excess belly fat. If left untreated, this fat exposes you to high blood pressure, cancers, and heart disease, among other conditions. It may also negatively affect your body confidence. If exercises and diet aren't helping reduce your tummy size, you should try tummy tuck surgery.

4. Decreased Self-Esteem

Sagging abdominal skin or excess belly fat significantly can cause feelings of inferiority and embarrassment. You may not like how you look, leading to a feeling of shame about your body. Consequently, your self-confidence declines, meaningfully affecting your sex life, personal life, and how you interact with others at school, work, or home. Tightening your belly muscles through tummy tuck surgery is an effective way of improving your self-esteem. 

The Bottom Line

If your abdominal shape has been altered by massive weight loss or pregnancy, you may want to consider a tummy tuck surgery. The procedure will restore your flat tummy, increasing how you look in your best clothes.


14 May 2021